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Jo Michaels
Jo Michaels, author

Adult; Mystery/Thriller; (Publish)

Tobias Butler has been sitting on death row since being sentenced for a gruesome murder in 2007. Bored out of his mind, he decided to apply to the online pen pal program in 2012. It's a pleasant distraction—nothing more, nothing less—for three years, until he's contacted by a beautiful, smart young lawyer named Jess. She's convinced he's innocent and wants to see him freed. As they organize their attack on the judicial system, he wonders how she plans to get his conviction overturned—because he's guilty, and he knows it. Jess is desperate to release him—and he's desperate to feel his hands squeeze the life out of her once she does.

5 Thrilling Stars
I was given this book for a review free of persuasion from the author or anyone else affiliated with the book

*This book contains graphic material and is not suited for people under the ages of anyone who can not handle very graphic material.

WOW. By far one of the most edgy books I have ever read. Emancipation blew me out of the water. Jo Michaels hit the nail on the head with combining the perfect plot of a serial killer locked in prison and the perfect innocent lawyer.

Tobias is a man on a mission when he knows that he wants. A couple of things he wants is his lawyer and free of prison. Jessica is a sweet lawyer who is good at what she does and is capable of getting the most the vile of people out of prison. Jess has her eyes set on Toby, Toby has his eyes set on Jess. Who will come out on top?

That ending absolutely blew me away. I cringed, cried, almost threw my tablet and cheered. I won't say anymore. I will say that Emancipation WILL leave you with one of the WORST book hangovers you have ever had.


Jo Michaels “Emancipation” is a maniacally, twisted tale of revenge.

I absolutely loved this book. The details Michaels delivered act as a vivid warning why you don’t want to end up in prison. Furthermore, it made me wonder how many guilty criminals win appeals.

The characters in “Emancipation” are dynamic and well-crafted. I was on the fence as to whether I should like or hate them. By the end of the book, I didn’t know whether to pity Tobias, the main character, or simply say ‘justice served’. The persona of Jess was so brilliant. That girl had me duped through 80 percent of the novel.

I’m a big fan of the show “Criminal Minds” and this book could easily be an episode. I could see the members of the Behavioral Analysts Unit delving into the psyche of Tobias. What they see may actually scare the crap out of them.

You can’t actually say the ending of “Emancipation” has a Happy Ever After. This book had more of a JFA, Justice For All, type of ending.

This was the first book I’ve read by Jo Michaels, and it won’t be my last.

If you enjoy your fiction dark and twisted, you’ll love “Emancipation”.


Emancipation is a deliciously creepy thrill ride. I have never hated a main character so much in my life. I think that is one of the things that makes this book so different from what I usually read. In most books you love the leading guy, he meets the girl, they fall in love and then they live HEA. Not in this book. LOL There are no warm and fuzzies here, but if you want an intense, mind blowing story then this is your book.

Tobias is pure evil and to say I wanted him dead is an understatement. With each page my desire to wrap my fingers around this guys throat or be the one to push the button that ends his life on death row increased. He has no good in him and nothing but disturbing thoughts come through the pages. His ability to manipulate and use his charm when it suits him is truly terrifying, especially when an attractive young attorney, Jess approaches him with a chance to be free. His twisted mind wants nothing more than to be freed so he can kill again, starting with Jess. I cannot tell you how many times I got chills from his wicked and vile thoughts.

This story is electrifying and OMG what an ending. It is probably one of the craziest and most shocking endings I have read to date. Bravo Jo Michaels!


Wow, just Wow. I don't really have the words to describe how I feel about this book, I've never read anything like it before. The book is brilliantly written and draws you in right from the start. Jess is wonderfully sweet and I was scared for her through most of the book as you know what Tobias has planned for her. Tobias is creepy, sick and twisted but by the end I did feel a little bit sorry for him. I don't think I breathed through the last few chapters! the ending blew me away, left me with a huge book hangover and kept me thinking about it for days after. Well done Jo Michaels, this is one of the best books I've ever read.

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