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Melissa A. Craven
Author, Editor (anthology), Service Provider
Emerge (Immortals of Indriell Book 1)
They claim she is Immortal. They say he is her equal, the only one who can match her power. But she’s just a normal girl. Until she isn’t. Allie Carmichael is just your typical socially awkward redhead with a smart-mouth that gets her into trouble—which it does the moment she meets Aidan, the boy next door who looks like trouble with a capital T—complete with tattoos and a mysterious secret. That secret involves Allie in ways she could never imagine. As a latent Immortal power awakens deep inside her, Allie must learn to navigate a dangerous world of secrets and deceptions, but with Aidan as her equal, she just might make it. Don’t miss the chance to be swept away by Melissa A. Craven's highly original, dark and gritty tale of Immortality, prophecy and fated romance, sure to take readers on an epic journey they won’t soon forget.