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If you want to fulfill your emotional potential and create a content life full of strong and rewarding relationships, then keep reading …

Have you ever found yourself doing or saying something in the heat of the moment that you later regretted?

Perhaps you laid awake all night wondering why you had spoken or acted in this way.

Can you recall more than one occasion where you lost control of yourself and it felt as if something else had taken over you?

Don’t worry. You’re not alone. The thing that took control of you was your emotions.

Did you know?

  • 71% of top managers believe that emotional intelligence is more important for business than IQ, with 59% saying they wouldn’t hire someone who had a very high IQ but a low emotional intelligence.
  • Up to 50% of your marital happiness depends on emotional intelligence, as the more emotionally intelligent you are, the better at communication you will be, leading to a more satisfying, long-lasting relationship.
  • People with low emotional intelligence are 70% more likely to get cancer and 19% more likely to have a heart attack.

As you can see, discovering the secrets to becoming emotionally intelligent will have a positive impact on your career, your relationships, and your health.

In this book, “Emotional Intelligence”, you will discover:

  • The 7 basic emotions and how they affect your brain
  • The differences between the 2 types of intelligence
  • The 6 most important aspects of your life which can be boosted by better emotional intelligence
  • How to recognize the 12 signs that someone has low emotional intelligence
  • The importance of self-regulation and self-motivation for emotional control
  • The 21 effective steps to increase emotional intelligence in your daily life

And much, much more.

No matter how old you are or in which stage of life you are, everyone has the potential to increase their emotional intelligence and discover how to maintain healthy and fulfilling relationships.

Stop having sleepless nights because you regret your emotional reactions.