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A.K. DuBoff
Empire Uprising (Taran Empire Saga Book 2)
A.K. DuBoff, author

Ancient secrets may hold the key…

In the months following formal contact with the Erebus, there’s been an unexpected peace. However, that all changes when a series of attacks reveals the Coalition’s devious plans for the Outer Colonies.

With the Erebus poised for another assault and rumors that the Coalition is developing an experimental bioweapon, the TSS needs a new defense of their own. The power core ‘gift’ from the Erebus has opened up new possibilities, but the ancient technology hidden on Earth could be the real game-changer they desperately need.

Unfortunately, the TSS soon learns that the Coalition’s influence runs deeper than anyone imagined. Jason and his family are in not only a fight for their lives, but for the very future of the Taran civilization.

Empire Uprising is the second installment of the Taran Empire Saga set in the Cadicle Universe, perfect for fans of epic sci-fi featuring sprawling galactic empires, drama, intrigue, and psionic abilities.