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J W Voyce
Ending Samsara
J W Voyce, author
MARCUS cultivates and sells cannabis and psychedelic mushrooms. Heading to see GAZ, a regular client, he suspects he’s being followed. After making it into the wealthy customer’s apartment, two men force their way in and Marcus hides in a secret panic room. Via security cameras, he’s forced to watch the men lynch Gaz from his own light fitting in a staged suicide. Terrified, and certain he led the men there, Marcus escapes via the roof. He convinces his partner TILD that they should flee their home and continue dealing via a campervan. With a seriously ill child and a heavy workload, CEE is already struggling cope when her husband is needed in England after the suicide of his CEO. Overstretched, she fails to organise an important delivery in her role at a specialist courier company. ZACH is an Australian Rock Star in the middle of world tour. He cancels his first date after a piece of sound equipment does not arrive in time. JORDANA is a journalist covering a support act at a cancelled show. She tries to track down the band and is mugged at knifepoint, leaving her stranded in Chicago without a passport. Unable to make an appointment in Trinidad, she recommends an intern for the job. GABE, a twelve-year-old street urchin, sells a false story to a naive reporter and uses the money to pay for his older sister’s flight ticket—facilitating her new life in Barbados. OLEK is in Barbados finalising the details for his son’s wedding. He withholds a terminal cancer diagnosis from his family until after the event. It is revealed that Marcus, Cee, Zach, Jordana, Gabe, and Olek all have a mutual friend—a Buddhist philanthropist named SAMSARA. Marcus and Tild finally try to unearth the killers of Marcus’s former client, Gaz. The organised criminal responsible is notified and Marcus is abducted, along with Samsara, who sacrifices herself in order to save him. Marcus honours her final wishes and visits the last hotel room she stayed in. In here is a letter expressing her desire for him to continue her philanthropic endeavours.