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Sylvia Prince
Engaged to an Earl
An engagement she never wanted. The Barrett family has fallen on hard times. An unwanted betrothal sends Elinor Barrett from her peaceful country manor to bustling London. Conflicted over her responsibility as the eldest daughter, Elinor buries herself in philosophy books. Between dance lessons, dress fittings, and formal balls, Elinor secretly pens an essay on women’s education. When a handsome printer catches her eye, will Elinor abandon duty to follow her heart? A secret identity that hides the truth. Thomas Hastings longs to escape his father’s rules. Yet a disowned gentleman in London has few friends––and even fewer resources. So Thomas picks up a quill to make a living. But playing poor comes at a price. When an entrancing woman walks into the print shop and mistakes Thomas for a laborer, can he win her over without revealing the truth? A hidden scandal waiting to surface. Secrets can’t stay hidden forever. Elinor’s pamphlet carries Thomas’s name––and no one knows his true identity. Can Elinor and Thomas survive the scandal threatening to tear apart their love? A sweet tale of pamphlets, print shops, and love set in 18th century England. Start reading Book One of the Barrett Brides Trilogy today!