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Matson Sewell
Entitled, A Novel
Claire Cavallo, the single mother of a recently matriculated Dartmouth student, learns that her son’s scholarship is in jeopardy because he’s been accused of sexually assaulting a fellow student. Neither Claire’s son, Luke, nor the young woman, Bethany, recalls any events after their second drink from the party punch supply. Claire believes in her son without question until the mounting evidence, including DNA results, suggests his guilt and her own long-buried history returns to haunt her. Could her kind and gentle son, the biological son of a rapist, be a rapist himself? As brutal and sadistic case details come to light, along with evidence that her son was drugged and also a victim, Claire’s faith in her son’s innocence is restored but she cannot trust her son’s attorney, law enforcement or the college’s Title IX investigation to reach the right conclusion. Ultimately, she must take the investigation of what happened that terrible night under her own control, face her worst fears of confronting sexual predators and even risk her life, to pose as a party goer at the recurring social scene where non-consensual sex is rumored to be routine.