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P.S. Winn
Author, Illustrator
P.S. Winn, author
Nick Porter is burying his grandfather. Something he wished he didn't have to do. After the funeral, Nick finds he is the sole heir of his grandfather's place. When he goes to the small, one-time farm, he finds an old shed that is hiding some dark secrets connected to Native American folklore.

Nick has inherited his grandparents’ home with acreage and has decided to live there. He has earned enough dollars in the big city to retire although he is only in his forties. The howling from the one rickety shed puts him on edge, but he found nothing there. His grandfather was found at the bottom of the shed where tunnels run in different directions. Nick realizes there is something weird, but will wait a while before investigating. What does the cold from below have to do with the well that wasn’t dug? Why did the well crew refuse to do any more work? He enjoys a meal at the local café. People welcome him when they realize who he is. The neighbor warns him about the shed and then a sister of a childhood friend arrives and he realizes the “Twig” as they called her has become a beautiful woman called Sam. She too has a warning about the shed and for him not to go underneath alone. The mystery only deepens when he discovers the Native Americans have warnings about the evil invaders. The head man of the Native Americans explains some things and tells him he must investigate, but not alone. He must mark the doorways to the Entries, but not enter them. Sam helps him with the mapping and they take a trip to visit his parents. Things start to progress. The neighbor brings in his work friend to help set dynamite charges. Nick and Sam map everything while fighting the pull of the Entries. The huge Native American leader joins them to keep everything purifies while charges are being laid. One of the evils attacks, but Nick is able to fend them off with his knife. Will the small band be successful? Will evil or good win?