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Dana Hayward
Dana Hayward, author
Life on Earth is dying from a mysterious cause, and President Kim bets her future on an obscure, young scientist whose theory can only be tested from outer space. The year is 2066, and the race is on against the Chinese to establish a viable lunar colony before the 100th anniversary of mankind’s first step on the Moon. Yet, the Moon is only the first step, the springboard for the permanent settlement of Mars. \t“Entropy” is set in the near future where technology has evolved to an astounding degree. Human nature, however, has not; this futuristic novel reads like an expose on our own times. \t“Entropy” is much more than a science fiction thriller; it is a running commentary on the times that we live. A dystopic, postapocalyptic, hard science depiction of epic space travel, colonization, and new beginnings for the human race: Entropy is a blockbuster, written by a new voice, waiting to be discovered. \t \tDESTINATION MARS! The Lunar Republic is on the run… The year is 2066 and JOHN MCCABE, a young, unorthodox botanist, is recruited to head biological research for an ambitious lunar project. The lunar project is the brain child of American President MYUNG KIM and brilliant engineer-physicist JEFFERY PATEL, who seeks to establish a permanent colony on the moon by the 100th anniversary of the first lunar landing, as a distraction from mounting tensions throughout the country. Food shortages have created riots, and McCabe is ordered to report, with the strong-willed counsel to the president, MERCEDES FONTAINE, to a launch site in White Sands, New Mexico before the country’s infrastructure collapses. McCabe is to create a cultivar in low gravity capable of replacing traditional food sources that are failing on Earth. Their cross country trip to White Sands in an all-terrain through ravaged and violent America involves defending themselves from marauders, murders and rapists, as well as falling in love along the way. While Kim is trying to forestall famine, plague, and civil lawlessness, an inevitable confrontation with China looms. McCabe develops his food source, Manna, and this temporarily provides relief for starvation on Earth. Nonetheless, Kim is assassinated by her political rival, Secretary of State MARCIA STAUNTON, and pandemonium reigns as civil war breaks out. Threatened by unyielding Sino-American government coercion, the self-sustaining US and Chinese lunar bases jointly declare their respective independence from Earth, and work together to set up a viable republic. President Staunton, however, is joined by PRESIDENT LIU of China as the two leaders abandon a failing Earth for safe haven on the Moon. The new Republic must fight or flee to escape the joint invasion. Book 1 ends in the year 2070 with the successful arrival of the besieged Republic to Mars.