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Mark Atlas
Author, Illustrator, Editor (anthology)
Escape from Leila's
Mark Atlas, author
In 2027 the Mars mission proceeds, oblivious to a strained economy and a restless society. After skipping University and with no work in Huxton, Texas, Kevin is crushed by his father's misplaced disappointment and inability to recognize the brilliance that hides behind his son's autism. After accepting an invitation to a meal, Kevin goes missing . When he is finally found, his friends and parents are shocked and powerless at his situation. Then when the media find him, Kevin is unwillingly drawn into the biggest court hearing in history, and while every world leader scrambles for a piece of him, the United States President must decide whether to befriend or kill him. So how could this lost, trapped, 19-year-old dropout hold such influence over world leaders, global society, and even the Mars mission? The only man who knows is a Paxaho Indian Chieftain from 200 years ago, who is watching closely. This is only the beginning.