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Jackson Utz
Eternal Lifeline
Jackson Utz, author
Humanity has reached the end of its rope. A village nestled within a seemingly infinite forest is its very last hub. Not only that, any trace of modern technology that was once dominating the world has been washed away and completely forgotten. While the remaining humans are trying to survive and build a better life for themselves, there is an invisible problem that they are dealing with. The Crimson Lords, beings of incredible magical power, are actively hunting down the rest of humanity, trying to render them extinct and nonexistent. What’s their purpose for doing so? Why are they so adamant on getting rid of the remainder of society? Whatever it is, they’ll stop at nothing to do so, even if it means the deaths of their own. Sebastian, a boy who has been cutting down trees for the village for six years straight, has become bored of his job. Being as curious as he is about the outside world, he has contracted a notorious reputation for doing things that break the norms laid out through the generations the village has existed. One day, he decides to go down a path in the woods that he has never explored. Come to think of it, has it ever been there? Whatever it is, something is compelling him to go deeper and deeper into the forest. Sebastian must find it. Little does he know, that mysterious thing holds the key to the survival of humanity and the revival of the human race.