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Thomas Cobey
Eternally Mortal
Tom Cobey, author

Eternally Mortal is a fantasy about second chances.

Darcey convinces her childhood friend, Joanne, to move in with her, all in an effort to escape Joanne’s abusive husband, Michael. The plan goes awry when Michael learns of the plan and kills Darcy and seriously wounds Joanne.

Tabatha, Darcy’s wife, sets her mind to changing her life and positioning herself next to Joanne in the event Michael tries to return and finish the job he started. Joanne has not met Tabatha and doesn’t realize her connection to Darcey.

The reader will get a first-hand view of homelessness and mental illness as Michael navigates New York City’s darker parts.

On the peripheral of the story is William, a man who has lived for hundreds of years and ends up in a nursing home where all of the players shall come together.

And most of all, Eternally Mortal is a love story.