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Margaret R. Sáraco
Even the Dog Was Quiet

Adult; Poetry; (Market)

Even the Dog was Quiet is a book of poetry, delivered in hushed overtones when life catches you looking. The collection tells stories through poetry in memoir fashion. “Risk” and “Rue” serve as a call and response to the perils of youth and pain of aging. “A Collage of Misery” about the Gettysburg battlefield and “Early Spring” written about a land trust in present day Baltimore, share an important honey locust tree. Family, friends and strangers, journey with the author in ordinary places but often in extraordinary circumstances. Included in the book are Alex Polner’s interior illustrations as well as his pastel drawing “The Crossing” on the cover.
Dr. Nishi Chawla, writer, academician, and filmmaker

Margaret Sáraco’s ekphrastic poetry stirs the roots of our human integrity, our subconscious, and our humanity. It is soulful and searches for the truths within us that we often try to gloss over

Steve Bloom, New York City based poet, composer, activist, and curator of the â€

Margaret Sáraco’s dexterity as a poet is boldly on display in Even the Dog Was Quiet. The first three poems take you into the minds of an immigrant couple whose documentation was lost in a fire, a child who cannot understand the language of adults, and a dachshund whose human companion has died. You will feel you know each of them intimately. The whole book is full of little gems based on moments in Margaret’s life or stories about her family. After reading these poems you will understand more about the poet, about the human condition, and about yourself.”

Tamar Jacobs, Associate Editor, Iron City Magazine, and author of A Man Named Da

This book is a kind of memoir in poems, a careful recounting and examination of the way Sáraco’s relationships over the course of life have shaped her, and how her memories have sustained and helped her find and make meaning from life. The poems study small interpersonal moments embedded in everyday life and pan back to consider the meaning of a life, and heart, full of thousands of these moments. This is a gorgeous book.