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Everlasting Love

Adult; Self-Help, Sex & Relationships, Psychology, Philosophy, Fashion; (Create)

Most relationship books just explore one type of issue interfering with sex and intimacy. This book addresses all of them. For example, books written by psychologists explore psychological issues. Books written by medical doctors explore medical issues. And books written by porn stars share stories and strategies that most people aren't interested in reading about or modeling. This book is unique in that it explores all six areas that get in the way of having more—and better—relationship – better sex.


1)    Personal issues like lost love, boredom, changes in interests, financial woes and a host of other things that make it difficult to live with that person who was once so special.

2)    Behavioral issues have a tremendous effect on relationships. Behaviors change as we age and get more comfortable with our mates. These once hidden or newly gained behaviors can go far in enhancing or ruining your time together.

3)    Physical issues become rather obvious as we age, with medical problems and physical limitations taking a toll. Everything from heart attacks to painful sex to erectile dysfunction can lead to failed sexual activity.

4)    Psychological issues usually surface over the lifetime of a relationship. When looking back, red flags were often there, but missed since raging hormones clouded judgment. Irrational thinking allowed the problems to be ignored.

5)    Hormonal issues are the big ones when it comes to sex, because if your hormones are running on empty, sex will be the last thing on your mind.

6)    Combined issues are the more likely cause of relationship and sexual problems as they usually comprise two or more of the troubles noted above.


Unlike other books, this one also won't make you feel like you're taking a trip to a therapist, doctor, or X-rated movie. It's less about technique or childhood issues and more about the unexpected and not-so-unexpected things that lead to less sex and—ultimately—no sex. This book reveals how to identify, fix, and avoid them, so you and your partner can get to a place of more profound satisfaction and bliss. 


Since sexual problems are one of the main reasons couples split up, and since the average age for divorce is forty-five, this book is aimed at readers forty and over. Baby Boomers aged sixty and older are now divorcing at rates higher than any other group. This book can make a difference, whether you're in a broken relationship or one that's heaven-sent. Every person can make their sex life more satisfying. And, if your relationship is seriously dysfunctional, this book might help you avoid divorce.