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K.R. Hansen
Everything That Was
K.R. Hansen, author
From the day she is born, Prudence Spellmeyer’s world is guided by her charismatic, 1980’s-band-obsessed older brother. But when Davis passes away before Pru’s senior year of high school, everything changes. Lost in grief, she formulates a plan: graduate, move to the city, and leave behind her dinky Podunk town full of painful memories. Pru’s only solace comes through drawing pictures of Davis in her art journal, and hiding out in the back seat of the Gherkin, her brother’s 1971 pickle-green Monte Carlo. Wrapped in the letterman’s jacket that still smells just like him, Pru tumbles into dreams of Davis. Dreams so vivid, even his hugs feel real. It’s the perfect escape. Until… Skating through school, Pru realizes the only way she will graduate is to accept tutoring from none other than Steve Nolan. Her childhood crush and ex-BFF who turned into her enemy for life when he caused her brother’s death. To make matters worse, Pru’s recurring dreams of Davis take a dark turn, pushing her to depend on Steve for more than just geometry and learning that, sometimes, the very person who shattered your world might be the only one to help you rebuild it. A Darcy Coates/You’ve Reached Sam mashup meets emotional Colleen Hoover vibes in a bittersweet book of grief, forgiveness, and the magic of dreams.