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Phil Rosen
Everywhere But Home: Life Overseas as Told by a Travel Blogger
Phil Rosen, author
Two years of living abroad, two years of stories, encounters and self discovery. These are tales from everywhere but home. After graduating college, Phil Rosen dropped everything, packed up, and moved to Hong Kong. He launched a travel blog, taught English to locals, and ventured all through Southeast Asia meeting people, seeing places, and writing about it all the while. Travelogues covering different countries alternate with chapters that raise questions of self-discovery, purpose, and finding meaning as a recent college graduate. There are stories from Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Bali, and more. Rosen's musings on travel and life after college, escaping expectations, and the lifelong chase for freedom ring truer today than ever before. Every chapter gets closer and closer to answering the question, "What are young people really supposed to do in life?"