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Michael Sisti
Executive Bone Yard - A Novel of Betrayal, Greed and Shattered Dreams

Adult; Mystery/Thriller; (Publish)

A discredited power attorney gets fired and struggles to survive. The helpless widow of a recently deceased client, calls him seeking advice and comfort. Now retired, the lawyer has a chance meeting with a desperate co-founder of a failing company. This trusted advisor, hired to save his clients, uses his legal skills to ruthlessly prey on their companies. For these entrepreneurs, their business represents their life, their future. It’s an emotional rollercoaster ride as they are betrayed, embezzled and discarded. The journey from Southern California to exotic Sao Paulo and the Sarasota Gulf Coast is fast paced, unexpected and intense. It will make you angry, and it will choke you up. The action takes you out of your comfort zone as you watch real people, like you and me, in the gut-wrenching fight of their lives. And you will anxiously ride this story as it races to a stunning conclusion.