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Preston Fleming
Exile Endgame
EXILE ENDGAME BY PRESTON FLEMING An opposition leader to a totalitarian American regime, seeing his chances of toppling the regime slip away, strikes a desperate final blow. In EXILE ENDGAME, sequel to EXILE HUNTER, renegade State Security Officer Warren Linder returns to London in 2031, nearly a decade after his escape from a Yukon corrective labor camp. As a leader of the exiled opposition against Unionist rule, Linder remains a target for assassination by his former State Security colleagues. But when the Unionist regime seeks to strengthen its grip on power by expanding trade with Europe, Linder risks all to thwart it by any means, fair or foul. Lately, however, the overseas opposition that Linder leads has lost steam. Further, an obscure internal resistance group calling itself the League has emerged as a rival. If the League is genuine, it could offer fresh hope of toppling the Unionists. But if it is a captive of State Security, it threatens to neutralize the émigré opposition and help the Unionists tighten their grip on power. As the League’s strength grows, Linder hatches a desperate plan to either validate the League or expose it, putting his life and the exile movement at risk. NOTE: The plot of EXILE ENDGAME is based loosely on Operation Trust, also portrayed in the 1980s TV miniseries REILLY ACE OF SPIES. In that 1920s operation, the fledgling Soviet secret service created a phony internal opposition group called the Trust that effectively disarmed the anti-Soviet exile movement for decades.