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Brian Dougan
Expansional Balance | A Holistic Health Approach To Better Health and Fitness
Brian Dougan, author

Adult; Self-Help, Sex & Relationships, Psychology, Philosophy, Fashion; (Market)

Use basic exercises to build and maintain strength, endurance and flexibility to achieve a higher quality of life. Moving with Expansional Balance is moving with no resistance in the joints. This book provides basic exercise examples, with illustrations, that build and maintain strength, endurance, and flexibility into a health an fitness regimen that will generate a greater degree of expansional balance in your body. Brian Dougan has spent decades working with people in both the fitness industry and the holistic health industry.  He has demonstrated incredible insight into what the fitness and holistic health industries have gotten wrong and what opportunities both can provide. By combining both a holistic and regimental approach to health and fitness, you can unlock your ability to achieving a higher quality of life. Each exercise example provided explains why the exercise is important, what the intent of the exercise is and how it relates to a holistic approach to health and fitness. The exercises listed will help release tension and open the joints to allow freer, more fluid and pain free movement as well as stabilize the joints and organize your skeletal alignment. Regardless of your level of fitness, an integrated feeling of the whole body can be attained.