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Kelli A. Wilkins
Extraterrestrial Encounters: A Collection of Sci-Fi Stories
Extraterrestrial Encounters: A Collection of Sci-Fi Stories \t Are you ready to step into the unknown? In these 18 sci-fi stories, you’ll encounter aliens of all shapes and sizes, curious (and sometimes unlucky) space explorers, and ordinary Earthlings having otherworldly experiences. Some of the out-of-this-world tales in this short fiction anthology include: “The Hoax” - A reporter learns that a creature from another planet is a dangerous thing to fool with “It Grows on You” - A strange kind of mold has invaded an office, and it’s the perfect tool for revenge “What Lurks Below” - Everyone knows there’s no life on Mars, but nobody thought about what might be lurking under the surface… “The Con” - An alien becomes an unlikely ally to a down-on-his-luck petty crook “Space Cowboy” - When a second-rate rodeo star is abducted by aliens, he makes the most of the situation “They Just Keep Eating” - A Nebraska farmer encounters a menace from space… and it’s hungry This collection of speculative fiction will stimulate your imagination, unnerve you just a little, and make you wonder… “What if we’re not alone?” Order it here: Amazon: All other platforms: