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Tanya Ross
Facing Off
Tanya Ross, author
The Tranquility saga continues in Book 2, Facing Off. Three main characters, Ember, Will, and Xander set out to begin an uprising against Tranquility’s Magistrate, but immediately run into danger when they reenter the city. With all three of them separated, they each have to forge their own destinies, as they struggle to not only stay alive, but continue to ignite their revolution. Ember must journey alone across the city, using her undeveloped powers to survive. Will must maintain his loyalty to the group, all while he is the Magistrate’s prisoner. Xander almost dies from an accident, caused by the Magistrate, and not only must heal, but learns how to become the leader he’s always wanted to be. As the teens battle their personal obstacles, they learn who they really are, deep inside. A true coming-of-age story with adventure, romance, intrigue, and the power of self.