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Helen Weiss
Author, Illustrator
Fairweather of the Bark Endeavour
Helen Weiss, author
"Fairweather" is an accurate historical, but fictionalised biography by Fairweather, the Endeavour's cat. Written in his own words, he details his passion to journey from his comfortable home in rural England to discover the sea. Arriving in Deptford when the Endeavour was making ready to sail, he joins the crew, becomes the mascot for the voyage and experiences first hand, all of the joys and hardship of the Endeavour's most important three-year voyage, initially to track the transit of Venus from Tahiti, then to open secret orders from the King, directing the Endeavour to sail on to find Australia and bring home important discoveries to England. Fairweather befriends the younger cabin boys who yearn for home and mischief! His favourite crewmen were the Endeavour’s cook and butcher. Both keeping him well fed as he catches the mice in the stores. He learns to tolerate Joseph Banks' greyhounds, quickly making them his comrades. He becomes a companion and confidant to Captain Cook himself, enjoying many evenings in his cabin while Cook tends to the ships log. He tells of the wild storms and doldrums, scurvy, lashings, important discoveries in the name of England, love in the Tahitian Islands and even the discovery of Bougainville’s French cat; a deserter, in Cooktown. As a revered member of the crew for his bravery, and a must for mousing among the grain and food stores, he is the forgotten hero of the Endeavour, until now! His story takes a new and refreshing look at a wonderful tale, giving people of all ages a chance to learn something of our history while enjoying a rollicking yarn. Fairweather of the Bark Endeavour IS the missing manuscript of this voyage.