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Faith Over Technology
J.A. Thomas, author

"Do not conform to the pattern of this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind." -- Romans 12:2

Does God want me to use social media? Is it ethical for me to use a cell phone app, like Tik Tok, Twitter, or Facebook, that can potentially harm other people?

In this revolutionary follow-up to the parent and law enforcement-acclaimed social media addiction book Delete Me, technology addiction specialist and Christian therapist J.A. Thomas offers the loving parents and grandparents of teens and tweens a powerful new approach to preventing video game overexposure, social media abuse, and cell phone addiction.

In an age where over 50% of the population is addicted to one behavior or another and the average teenager spends 4 hours a day wasting time alone on their cellular devices and struggles to interact IRL (In Real Life) with real, live humans, the power of Christian faith or other religious morality can be a valuable lifeline that parents and teens can use to set boundaries, reduce anxiety and improve in-person communication skills.

In this potentially life-changing technology addiction book, you will learn:

• How to use the power of faith in setting boundaries with technology, popular online apps and guide social media usage by teens and tweens
• How to use your faith in God to answer questions such as: "Is TikTok evil?" and "Should we post about our faith on social media platforms?"
• How to overcome tech addictions & seasonal depression, foster healthy relationships, reduce anxiety and stress, and nurture your holy spirit.
• How teenagers can let go of toxic relationships with cell phones, video games, and social media apps and turn to positive influences like God, loving families, and strong friendships.
• How to examine your own intersection with technology in ways that will help you re-establish your connection with Jesus Christ.
• Why social media is ruining your kids’ lives… but they are still using it!

By reverse-engineering behavioral addiction, we can negate the negative mental health outcomes of technology abuse and cell phone addiction for good—to improve how we communicate and set boundaries between work and play. Faith Over Technology is the perfect tool to prepare parents and high school students for excelling during another challenging year of peer pressure, social media abuse, and the societal thought control that exists in many schools and colleges!