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Felicia Farber
FAKE OUT is a romantic mystery novel about a high school couple whose love and loyalty are put to the test when artificial intelligence is used to destroy their relationship. Someone is manipulating images of David Woods to make it look like he’s engaging in illegal acts and spreading them all over social media. Since the images seem real he gets in trouble with the school and faces suspension. But then when a racy video of David in a romantic interlude with his ex is circulated, no one believes it’s a fake, especially not his current girlfriend, Blair Evans. Blair desperately wants to trust him, but she’s seen the evidence with her own eyes. And the school has no tolerance for his indiscretions either, increasing his punishment to expulsion. Facing catastrophic consequences, David has to somehow prove the video footage is a deepfake and solve the mystery of who is trying to ruin him before he loses Blair, gets kicked out of school, and kisses his college dreams goodbye.