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Grady Owens
Fall: The Return to the Temple, Book Two
A freshly-disillusioned, emotionally broken swordsman must again face his half-brother and an egomaniacal sorcerer with but the assistance of an unreliable mage he only just met and clear their names of suspicion of attacking the organization keeping the world from chaos. Emerging from battle having lost his best friend and feeling partly responsible for the destruction of half of two cities, Angelo, a dutiful yet childish half-elf swordsman takes up professional gambling to keep himself and his new wizard acquaintance, Justin, alive; however, the megalomaniacal sorcerer Asmodeious returns and tries to systematically destroy members of a group keeping the world in balance. Suspects themselves after their previous fight, the pair must clear their names. In the face of encroaching insanity and societal isolation, the elf researches while the half-elf deals with this reminder of his loss, and finally the swordsman faces off against the sorcerer in a battle with everything at stake.