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Aurora Welkin
Fallen Warriors (Intergalactic Enosis: The Pyxis System, #1)

Adult; Romance; (Market)

Protect his people or find his true mate, who is galaxies away? For this shifter, choosing wrong means not just his death, but the demise of his kind.

When the females of Saber mysteriously die, Prince Arana, the only remaining member of the Royal family, vows to govern the living and avenge the fallen.

As if being the new king was not enough, Arana faces a grave challenge. He and Beast, his sabertooth half, need to play nice long enough to accomplish the only thing that will save them—finding compatible females for his people.

He needs to lead his warriors by example, else his failure will cost him more than just his life. Will he locate a mate Beast will accept in time, or will he be leading to doom those he pledged to protect?