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Tigran Kalaydjian
Fangs of Deception
TK Orbelyan, author
The story begins with the main protagonist (Terry) and his wife driving to the village of Bibury in the Cotswolds to visit Terry’s relatives and to meet his cousin’s girlfriend. It is October 2022. Terry is looking forward to a weekend of interesting conversations with Carl, who is a researcher/investigator and always has fascinating information to share about government cover-ups, false flag attacks and other events that would be deemed ‘conspiracy theories’. When he meets Carl’s girlfriend however, he realises that he knows her, and he recalls the brief but passionate affair they had years earlier. During the weekend, Carl reveals the findings of a major investigation he has been conducting on the vaccines. Upon his return to London, Terry agonises over whether to tell Carl about him and Tamara (Carl’s girlfriend, who is now going under a different name). But before he manages to see Carl to talk about it, Carl and Tamara both disappear, leaving Terry and the rest of the family to find out what happened to them. When Carl suddenly shows up several months later, he cannot remember the circumstances of his disappearance, nor the reasons for it, but he reveals that he was kept at a secure facility somewhere in the Midlands. His sister Samantha suggests he see a hypnotherapist, which he agrees to do. The memories that are retrieved following successful hypnotic regression include details that are highly traumatic, and reveal the true reason why he was abducted. As the story unfolds, Terry is seen undergoing a transition of his own, changing his outlook on life and becoming every bit the indomitable truth-seeker his cousin was.