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Deana Birch, author
Producer Louana Higgins isn’t a fool – she knows when a fling with a member of a rock band is just that: a fling. The only problem is that she can’t seem to keep Jake Riley, drummer for The Spades, out of her mind. And judging from his texts, she’s on his mind too. The two lovers hesitantly start to wonder if their fiery sexual chemistry could be the foundation for something more serious. Jake discovers the stability he’s begun to crave after more than a decade of a rock and roll lifestyle, and as much as she doesn’t want to admit it, Louana might be in love. But Jake comes with a complicated past and a bandmate who seems determined to keep him from finding happiness. And his inexperience with monogamy leaves Louana unsure that the relationship can work long-term. When secrets from Jake’s past are revealed, Louana must decide if it is the final straw, or something she can look past to see a future with the charming musician. Romance fans will rejoice as Deana Birch’s “Faster” presents them with a couple to root for, steamy sex scenes to get lost in, and a story that will keep them riveted.