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James Chandler
Author, Illustrator
Fastlane: My Japanese Roadster on the Information SuperHighway

Adult; Memoir; (Publish)

Fastlane takes you back to the beginnings of the Internet. Entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, business managers, and investors -- no one knew where this would lead us. Yet we knew it was big. Instant millionaires were made overnight, elated yet uncertain that their paper fortunes from this dream world would be there at the morning’s opening bell. Chandler takes us first hand, first person into the excitement, chaos, and “irrational exhuberance” of that pivotal time. As the Director of Business Development for a Japanese tech subsidiary in the heart of Silicon Valley, he struggles to understand the brimming changes to our ways of doing business while maneuvering the nuances of Japanese business culture. Hobnobbing with VCs, entrepreneurs,and CEOs, he searches for his own place in the fastlane on the new road to riches.