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Judith Keim
Fat Fridays
Judith Keim, author
Five Women, Five Stories, Five Reasons to Band Together Following an ugly divorce, Sukie Skidmore is invited to join four other women for Fat Friday lunches, where everybody orders whatever they want, no calories counted. But their fun, friendly gatherings take a dark turn when one of the women shares shocking news that puts them all in jeopardy and each woman has strong reasons to believe she might be in danger. Facing an uncertain future, the women support one another through surprising situations as they search for the love and happiness each deserves. A story of strong women and the friendships they form to help each other through difficult times. These five women, of varying ages, each have a different story. Betsy, the oldest, is a widow who's never known true love; Tiffany, the youngest, is discovering being married to a wealthy young man from a prominent family isn't all it's cracked up to be; naive Carol Ann is looking for the perfect man; Lynn is a mystery to them all until she tells them she's not who they think she is. It is Sukie who holds the group together even as she must decide if it's worth taking a chance on new love.