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Susan Boles
Fated Love
Susan Boles, author
Sarah Cameron’s life changes forever the night her art gallery burns to the ground under suspicious circumstances. Fighting her devastation, she’s picking up the pieces and trying to understand what happened with the help of arson investigator, Jake Riordan – who’s far too attractive for her to concentrate. Then the stalking incidents begin. Who could want her dead? And is it tied to the fire at the gallery? Jake is convinced he knows who’s responsible for the fire. But is he too close to Sarah to see the truth? After he’s pulled off the case for being too personally involved, Jake convinces Sarah to travel to New Orleans with him to escape the stalker and investigate some mysteries from his own past. In New Orleans, a diary and a set of old pictures reveal long hidden secrets that are coming home to roost. Can Jake save Sarah in time? Or will their love die with her? Till Death Do Us Part, just got a whole new meaning.