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Hank Balevic
Faulty Background Checks: Shatter Applicant's Lives While Harming Businesses
Hank Balevic, author
Hank Balevic, Former FBI Special Agent and President and Founder of Fidelity Data Service, has a new book, Faulty Background Checks Shatter Applicants Lives While Harming Businesses. And it's a riveting, exhaustive expose of the pernicious actions of many background screening companies—a controversial issue that no book has ever written about or exposed in the past! In it, Balevic cogently explains how the rapacious and inimical procedures of the screening companies have resulted in enforcement action by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and thousands of lawsuits being filed against the companies by private attorneys. Over 100 background screening companies have violated federal law by producing faulty background checks and branding innocent applicants as sex offenders, drug dealers and violent criminals. As a horrendous consequence, applicants have been denied employment or a place to live. However, applicants are not the only victims in this scandal. Employers, condo associations and property management companies suffer substantial financial losses by rejecting innocent applicants branded as criminals, not to mention losing the services of acceptable employees and tenants. By accepting bogus screening reports these victims wind up getting sued and having to pay damages, fines and penalties. The flipside of rejecting innocent applicants, based on bogus background checks, is accepting applicants with criminal arrests, convictions and prison records .