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Bianca Rose
Fearless: A Dissection of Jamaican Spirituality
Bianca Rose, author
My book, Fearless, is a bold collection highlighting the aspects of lost Jamaican roots. This book explains an individual’s will to turn the world towards a new direction that has already been in brew. Jamaicans are extremely strong in terms of spiritual beliefs, tribes, culture, and values. They do admire and adore their cultural values like none. A reading of this book will unleash how Jamaicans, and admirers alike, can change the world through their strongest wills towards a better end. The book highlights the aspects of expressing individual will and unity. We have many ways to grow through the holes of our weaknesses. This book provides you a dosage of motivation, determination, and a ray of light to move and grow pass the queers of race. Fearless is written to upheld Jamaican roots in terms of spirituality. Bianca Rose, the authoress, is determined to spread the memorandum of lost Jamaican society and its roots. Many African and non-African Diaspora have contributed to proffer triumph and unity. Bianca is trying to reunite Jamaicans through the fifth dimension; i.e., dealing with spiritual and preternatural words to empower all the Jamaican who have been lost to their roots. The book has much more to say!