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Tracy Tully
FEARless Buckle Up...Build RESILIENCE
Tracy Tully, author
Tracy's non-fiction book, FEARless Buckle Up...Build RESILIENCE details her journey as a two times whistle-blower against corruption and fraud in the Queensland Education Department which prevents employees from exercising their basic human rights to speak. Silence in the face of injustice is a free pass for those who cause suffering to continue using and abusing others for their own gain. Perpetrators of injustice usually hold positions of influence and power; speaking up against them means risking their career, health, safety of their family, humiliation, physical and emotional abuse. Written in a punchy and expressive style, Tracy writes of her personal struggle with the adversity she faced in her career as a school principal of 38 years and her refusal to live a life defined by those challenges. FEARless is an inspirational account of her strength, courage and resilience.