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Kim Souza Carson
Female Attributes

Adult; Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror; (Market)

Set in the future where women are the major population and "monitor" males, men are “kept” for fertilization, or the ones that are kept for work are sterilized, some elite few are used as pleasurers after rigorous screening and testing procedures, rouge males are “processed” and used for less than desirable options. Kept in secure places, men are tested and monitored for the best DNA and tested for the best personality traits. But one of the young scientist, Lilly Bloom, ends up falling in love with one of the males, Mark Sumner, that tests with less than acceptable qualities, but Lilly takes matters into her own hands, he is put into the pleasurer program, but when he rejects the head mistress, Diane’s advances, this possess problems and all kinds of conflict, a murder mystery, and a diligent Operative that won’t let up. When Mark, the man Lilly loves, is sentenced to sterilization or worse, she has to find a way to free him and keep him alive without causing an uprising. Meanwhile her new job produces problems of its own for Lilly, and it’s up to Mark to help her, then. Lilly and her co-workers form a strong bond, doing things each one never thought they would do for each other, which brings them to decide to look for a better life which takes them on wild adventures together.