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JIm Schneider
Take a glimpse into author and journalist Jim Schneider's life at the beginning of 2020 as his family's daily routine turned upside down through the new reality of lockdowns, shutdowns, and closures. Fencebat: A Big Kid's Guide to Parenting, Personal Growth, and Play reveals how Jim grappled with everything by blogging and chronicling his life. Every day. For 450 days. Jim didn't hold back. He wrote about the trials and tribulations of making unholy choices between safety and sanity, grocery hoarding, and managing the balance of being a parent and a professional in a confined space. Jim shares his family's journey following his son being identified as autistic and seeking support for him at a time when everything was on hold. Through humor, thoughtful perspective, and heartfelt stories, Jim opens the door for reflection and gratitude in the realm of parenting and personal growth. If there's one thing that Jim shares with the world, it's that time is precious when it comes to parenting. As you build those special memories with your children, Jim's recollection is a time capsule of discovery, development, and never forgetting the importance of play.