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Fifth Dimensional Healing: Remove Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Blockages and Claim Your Divine Sovereignty
Fifth Dimensional Healing is a holistic healing manual which offers practical techniques and sacred wisdom that enable you to heal yourself and return to your natural state of enlightenment. After a short bio where I share my own healing journey, you’ll read part one of this book, which explains Fifth Dimensional Healing, a technique that was channelled to me from my higher self. If you’re not sure what the fifth dimension is, what channelling is, or what the higher self is, I’ve included a glossary at the beginning of the book for you to reference. Part two focuses on healing the body. Is bread actually bad for you? Which fats keep you energized and which ones make you sluggish? How do you remove heavy metals from your body? How can you cleanse your organs properly and feel energized? Part three focuses on healing the mind. How does meditation heal the brain? Is channelling dangerous? How can you start communing with spirit guides? Is magic real and how can you start manifesting your dream life using it? Part four focuses on healing the emotions. How can you safely release trauma stored deep within your body? What’s the difference between soul mates and twin flames? What does it mean to love yourself? What is sacred sex? Part five focuses on healing the spirit. How can you strengthen your intuition and step into your psychic genius? What is astrology and does it take you away from your free will? What is your power animal and how can it help you? Why the heck did you choose to incarnate here anyway? Currently we're living in a third density Earth with fourth dimensional consciousness. We're moving into a fourth density Earth with fifth dimensional consciousness. Fifth Dimensional Healing is a guidebook for navigating this shift. May it serve as a catalyst on your healing journey.