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Jamie Cannon
Fight for Survival: Undermining Psychological Warfare
Jamie Cannon, author
Are you tired of being a victim of psychological abuse? Discover the steps to survive this damaging behavior and embrace your new freedom. Do your friend's or family member's harsh words make you doubt your self-worth? Are you or a loved one tormented by emotional harassment? Are you looking for guidance on how to end verbal attacks and restore well-being? As a mental health clinician for over two decades, Jamie Cannon has helped hundreds overcome domestic violence and toxic manipulation. Now she's here to help you develop the skills to recognize and move beyond the trauma happening in your life, in order to build stable, healthy relationships. Fight for Survival: Undermining Psychological Warfare is a powerful guide for victims and loved ones to counter the manipulative weapons of their oppressors. Through Cannon's true-to-life illustrations of toxic relationships, you'll identify the patterns, symptoms, and telltale signs of chronic abuse. Using essential coping strategies and the tools you need to feel supported, you'll soon be transforming your life for a freer future. In Fight for Survival, you'll discover: - Typical abusive behaviors and how to combat them - Coping tactics to confront your tormentor and address problems safely - How to better support those who suffer from mistreatment and show them they are not alone - Real world simulations revealing a variety of destructive situations so you can build your best path moving forward - Concrete techniques to safely navigate from pain to well-being and much, much more! Fight for Survival: Undermining Psychological Warfare is your complete resource for creating the strong and fulfilling life you deserve. If you like unflinching examples, professional expertise, and easy-to-follow tips, then you'll love Jamie Cannon's encouraging guidebook.
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It is very relevant that the author has done thorough research, and has much knowledge in this area. It covers many forms of manipulation from common relationships to manipulation in the church. As I read the book, I discovered many key points that gave revelation with my own experiences in life, however, I didn't know how to put words to it., or see my vulnerability. The book not only includes knowledge about manipulation, it also provides tactics to use against manipulation and emphasizes how important it is to have a good support system from loved ones. Finally, at the end of the book there are illustrations and also includes patterns of manipulation that help understand how it played out in each story. Definitely will be recommending this book to many friends who have or are in manipulative relationships.

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This book is exactly what all victims of psychological abuse and their friends and family need – how to identify and understand all the psychologically abusive behaviors, how to combat the psychological warfare and survive, what victims need from their supporters, and how to thrive in spite of it.