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Anisa Ashabi
Finding Chaz
Anisa Ashabi, author

“If my life were a TV show, Chaz Humbert would be the bad guy.”

Roxie Nazari’s had it. She’s been subjected to Chaz Humbert’s creepy come-ons and inappropriate antics for three years—and she’s not his only victim. With teachers, guidance counselors, and school administration unwilling to end the harassment, Roxie exacts revenge on an anger-fueled impulse. What she doesn’t realize is how her actions will completely change her life--and her worldview.
Turns out, revenge is not so sweet, not just because of the guilt she feels, but because her sentence is an in-school suspension…with the perp himself! Trapped in close quarters with Chaz, Roxie is determined not to be fooled by the sudden drastic change in his behavior. But when Chaz reveals an unexpected truth, both he and Roxie hurtle down an entirely new path of self-discovery.
Meanwhile, they aren’t the only ones in their school—or town—with problems. Old friends, new friends, and family are all struggling with their own first steps into adulthood. Roxie’s eyes are opened to the narrow-mindedness and limitations of her hometown. Will things ever improve? And can a girl who just started high school make a difference?