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Claudia Pemberton
Finding Faith
Raised by devoted and loving parents, Faith Fanelli has been a devout Christian for all of her twenty-eight years. Trusting God is not only a concept for her, but also a way of life. But Faith is about to learn how profoundly life can change in the blink of an eye. One cold January night after she is abducted by a stranger in the dark parking lot outside a hair salon, Faith is subjected to living a fifty-hour nightmare. Never has she dreamed that such evil existed in the world. Feeling utterly alone, in torturous pain, and terrified for her life, Faith’s reliance upon the God she has trusted for so many years is tested beyond the breaking point. But when her abductor finally releases her, it is then that Faith learns about the resilience of the human spirit and the unthinkable adversities it can overcome. But will she ever trust God again? Finding Faith is a compelling Christian thriller that chronicles a young woman’s journey to the truth after she survives an unspeakable crime that tests her faith in God.