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E B Archer, author

Adult; Mystery/Thriller; (Publish)

When Faith Holliday and Rosie Rosado first meet with prospective client Madihah—call me Maddie—Al-Fulani at her Hollywood Hills home, she is sunning herself by the pool, laying flat on her tummy, all greased up and wearing only a teeny-weeny bit of bikini: to Faith and Rosie she looks yummy, like a hot buttered croissant. Dismissing feelings of either envy or inadequacy, the agency of Holliday Rosado and Associates agrees to represent Maddie in the case against her husband, noted Hollywood cosmetic surgeon Dr Isa Salman. After all, Rosie argues, there are millions at stake and Maddie is the type of client who could make the Agency’s year. But as Faith is fond of reminding Rosie, it’s what you don’t know that comes back to bite you. Lurching from crisis to crisis to protect her client’s financial interests, Faith soon comes to realize that Maddie is the link to a million dollar fortune for which others are willing to kill. Threatened herself by an unknown stalker, Faith unwittingly pursues a course of action that could leave her, Maddie, or both, dead.

***** Faith and her associates are smart, sassy

By voraciousreader on September 1, 2015

A twisty private eye novel, you never know which way it's going to turn on you next. Faith and her associates are smart, sassy, independent, and class all the way. I loved Faith- tough girl on the outside with a hint of vulnerability that makes you want to find out what else she might be hiding underneath there. That this is going to be a series is definitely a plus.