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Arjay Lewis
Fire In The Mind
Arjay Lewis, author

Leonard “Len” Wise, PhD, tall, attractive and twenty-nine is lost and aimless in a world he once shared with his deceased fiancée, Cathy. Her death, his telepathic abilities, a fused knee and stifling guilt are Len’s legacy from the car accident where he had been driving. Len has immersed himself in the study of parapsychology to master his strange abilities. He also spent years drowning himself in alcohol. Now, one year sober and one month after securing his PhD, Len has been asked to return to his alma mater to give a lecture. Attending the speech is Detective Bill McGee of the Mountainview police department. He wants Len to help investigate a case of spontaneous human combustion—or was it murder? This puts Len in search of a mysterious adversary who is endowed with the ability to manipulate fire. The pursuit of the arsonist/murderer becomes very personal when a woman Len is dating is killed and his best friend’s wife is kidnapped. Does Len possess the strength to stop the egomaniac who can create fire in the mind?

FREE on Kindle July 1-5

FIREworks for the 4th! Parapsychologist Leonard Wise must stop a psychopath who can create fire with his mind. FREE Kindle download until July 5!