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AJ Ryan
AJ Ryan, author

Adult; Romance; (Market)

It was nearly a 30-year mystery, based on a lie that drove the leading lady Angela out of town at the tender age of 17 in 1989 and that was finally revealed in 2017. This could have changed the course of several people’s lives. The discovery of the truth set her free from unknown trauma that she had carried all those years. The book captures the feelings along the way of anguish and shame, followed by shock and relief in such a spectacular chain of events. This is the first in the series of Angela’s Riveting Journey Through Luscious Romance and Rejection. I have completed this book based on my own true-life story of the high school bullying that I endured in the late 80’s, which nearly drove me to suicide, but succeeded, rather, in driving me out of town and out of state in the middle of my senior year of high school. I would describe the overall story lightly as a “Mean Girls”-type narrative sprinkled with the thrill of flight, but layered with the romance and hot, luscious sexual tension of our teenage years and dazzled with the speed, beauty, & flames of the hot muscle cars of the time. Women and teenage girls who read this and see the movie will no doubt relate to the angst of trying to fit into a clique while being lured into the hands of forbidden teenage lust. Men and boys will enjoy the stroll down muscle car memory lane as I describe my first car love affair with the ‘67 Pontiac Firebird, and spend further time with several other muscle cars throughout the book. Whenever I hear the songs “One of These Nights” and “Witchy Woman” by the Eagles, I am transported back to my childhood, riding around in the back seat of the roaring black V8 Pontiac Firebird, with the stiff suspension and glittering Cragar Mag wheels of my brother-in-law’s car. A man’s first car love is much like his first woman love: It is one they never forget. Be assured that audiences will be captivated by the nostalgia.