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Matt McAvoy
Author, Service Provider
Fish Farm
Matt McAvoy, editor

When Tyron collapsed it took Jack’s career and his pension with it. He just knew, deep inside, that the company’s demise was orchestrated by the CEO, James Wheeler and that Wheeler had made off with millions. The thirst for revenge boiled incessantly in Jack’s belly until he finally came up with his vengeful scheme and the courage to carry it out!

Don S and TeamGolfwell

I liked “Fish Farm” by W. Sautter, a very talented author. The book is short, very entertaining and I read it in an evening - a very high quality read!

The book is about intelligent revenge, and after quoting an ancient Chinese warlord who wrote 2,500 years ago, “Ponder and deliberate before your make a move,” the author starts the well-planned revenge into action.

With ever increasing tension, the author designed the plot well, especially his uses of “Chekhov's gun,” the well-known dramatic principles where every element in a story must be necessary. It made the ending a complete surprise.

After I finished it, I wanted to read more of the story, then reflected on how the author perhaps made this story intentionally short to have all elements stand out and create ever-expanding tension in its amazing 107 pages.

A great read if you’re looking for a very entertaining read.

Some final thoughts I had were, I wondered how the author got the idea of utilizing a fish farm in the unique way he used this fish farm. And, I also think retirees and war veterans would highly enjoy this book.