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Joshua Candamo
Five Doors of Success
Can you be successful without luck, money, or friends in high places? Like so many of us, Joshua Candamo wasn’t sure of the answer when he first arrived in the United States without a college degree, struggling to find a minimum-wage job. Today, he shares his answer as a technology executive with a Ph.D. degree and a fulfilling personal life. The Five Doors of Success systematically deconstructs success into five critical areas that anyone can learn and excel in. These areas aren’t related to attributes you’re born with or reserved for privileged or lucky individuals. They consist of skills and knowledge you build over time. It’s an alternative view compared to what’s widely promoted in public media and presents a word of caution to the “appearance of success” along with the biological and psychological realities that could prevent you from reaching your full potential. Candamo draws on his experiences and heartfelt stories with impactful people in his life—from friends, to presidents, to a former drug cartel member—all of whom inspired his own journey navigating corporate America. But this book isn't about replicating his story, per se. That's entirely the wrong approach because everyone wants something different in life. This book is about demystifying success and providing a path to follow so that you can achieve what matters to you—your own version of success.