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Hina (Yu) Cao
Five Keys of Self Love (Be Bold series)
Hina Yu Cao, author
This is a magical book and guide of self-love, rooted in the pure love of oneself and one another. We are born to love and be loved and essentially made of the same cosmic material as the infinite universe. The love of oneself and one another are two sides of the same coin. This book serves as a beacon, guiding you back to your essence of pure love. The purity and beauty of wisdom in this book has illuminated and transformed countless lives, including mine. Being revealed of the truth of the universe, I am compelled by joy, love, and responsibility to share this enlightening wisdom with you, igniting your spirit, one soul at a time. Five Magical Keys: No.1 Key is to Love Yourself Unconditionally. No. 2 Key is to Know Yourself Fully. No.3 Key is to Enjoy Simple Pleasures. No.4 Key is to Be Bold. No.5 Key is to Create A Magical Life.