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James Milward
Flame Man
Private Investigator, Sammy Shovel, believed getting married was the most bizarre thing he's ever done. But a case of fire, murder, rape, and mistaken identity could get his new wife killed. A pyromaniac strikes downtown San Francisco, and the Warehouse Alliance Association hires Sammy Shovel to solve what Flame Man is burning down the city—none of the fires where considered suspicious. A body to body collision with a dangerous man leads Sammy to a gravestone, but is it just a coincidence or is the man in the grave a warlock or a case of stolen identity—. The case takes Shovel from the tropical paradise of Jamaica, to Seattle, and into to backwoods of Kentucky, and into the heart of the cause, an undetectable fire accelerant. Sammy enlists the help of a homeless man to help him discover what evil resides in a plane brown paper bag. A man no one will get near—his rankness spreads terror. Sammy Shovel may have met his match with a cunning arsonist.