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Queenie A. Marie
Flame of the Blood
A GIRL RUNNING FROM THE LAW. Wren Farley is cursed with the power to save her kingdom from an ancient plague. With magic estranged to her war-ravaged, witch infested continent, Wren flees her village following a brutal betrayal. With a price on her head and hunters at her heels, Wren must find a way to survive out on her own. But when a boy from her past discovers and captures her, Wren finds herself brought before the king’s mercy. A BOY RUNNING FROM THE PAST. Crown Prince Alaric Bernthal is burdened with the responsibility of his title. With it as a constant reminder of the brother who left him, Alaric continues to run from his haunting past. But when he is suddenly betrothed to Kerensa Na’labesc, a Cebrevenese girl with fire in her eyes, he finds himself falling into a void he doesn’t know his way out of. It’s only a matter of time until Alaric’s dark past catches up to him. Though when he finally gathers the courage to face it, things prove to be more complicated than he ever could have imagined. WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THEIR FATES ARE INTERTWINED? They will each face truths that neither can deny for long. Soon enough, Wren and Alaric find themselves in a convoluted situation, one that will result in inevitable damage. Witch against human, magic against steel. Together, they must navigate a thin line to discover who among them they can really trust. Including each other. FOR BETTER OR FOR WORSE.