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FLIRT: A novel of lust, love, and murder
Ric Bohy, author
Just look at her. The name is Mary Bliss, or sometimes, "Miss Bliss to you." Classical painters would have called her an exemplar of the female form. She has fiery copper hair. Her appearance ranges from comely country girl to devastating man trap. She is meticulous in applying makeup and scenting herself with perfumes custom made for her. When she enters a busy room, all sound stops and heads swivel in her direction. There is a little hitch in her step owing to a congenital anomaly on her left leg. She gets what she wants, without giving anything but the privilege of looking at her. Jimmy Noze is a roughneck. He has a scar over one eye but can't remember why he got it. He dresses down in black jeans and Hawaiian shirts that hide the powerful handgun stuck in the waistband at his back. He once was a well-known newspaperman covering Detroit and its environs. He quit the trade after seeing one too many horrors in his work. It involved a child. Mary Bliss and Jimmy Noze soon develop a mutual fascination that turns into romance. Together, they become the target of simple-minded narcissist, ex-con, and aspiring serial killer named Haynus Geasley, who sees himself as a Satan-worshiping rock idol, and the terrifying embodiment of the demon of lust. He believes Noze owes him and intends for the debt to be paid with torture, terror, and the capture of Mary Bliss for his own sex slave.