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Charles Page
Fluffy's Christmas Gift
chuck page, author

Picture Book; General Fiction (including literary and historical); (Market)

EXPERIENCE CHRISTMAS THROUGH THE INSPIRING STORY OF A CHRISTMAS TREE ORNAMENT. This kids Christmas book helps you see the holidays through the eyes of a tree decoration. Fluffy, a handmade ornament, wants to hang by the tree star and climb higher on the tree. On his journey up the tree the snowman faces many setbacks: Hurtful words and criticism Loneliness, fear, and disappointment Pain from being broken apart When Fluffy finally gets to the tree top, he learns new things about himself as he turns his gaze to the baby Jesus sleeping in the manger. In his transforming journey, the broken snowman learns more about the meaning and purpose in his life challenges.
Fluffy, a handmade Christmas snowman ornament, learns the joy of discovering his purpose in this delightful holiday read by Page (Climbing the Upside Down Tree). When young Zach puts the finishing touches on his snowman ornament one Christmas, he names him Fluffy—in a nod to his cotton ball middle—and softly tells him “Fluffy, you’re special. You’re one of a kind.” Fluffy immediately takes that message to heart, despite being shunned by the other decorations, and declares his dream is to hang by the star at the very top of the tree one year.

As the years pass, and Fluffy starts to make his way closer to the top, the other ornaments up their bullying. “Cotton Balls thinks he’s better than the rest of us” they taunt, warning Fluffy that eventually he will lose his special place in Zach’s heart. When he finally earns the coveted top spot, Fluffy’s enchanted by the Christmas wonder revealed from his new view—especially the baby in the Nativity scene—and vows “Someday, little one, I’ll bring you a special present.” Unfortunately, the other ornaments prove correct, and soon Zach is grown up and gone while Fluffy lies broken and forgotten at the bottom of the ornament box.

Young readers will be touched by this moving tale, and Fluffy’s tragic fall from grace will be heart-wrenching and intense. All is not lost, however, as Page lovingly gives Fluffy another chance, crafting a unique spin on his eventual comeback. Bazley’s illustrations evoke holiday nostalgia and warmth, with classic Christmas hues and festive details like yuletide treats and stockings dangling over a crackling fire. Adult readers will find the underlying message of self-worth important—“I will give him the best gift of all: myself”—and Christian fans will appreciate the religious undertones to Page’s book.

Takeaway: A snowman ornament discovers his true worth in this festive tale.

Great for fans of: Carol Heyer’s Humphrey’s First Christmas; Karma Wilson’s Mortimer’s Christmas Manger.

Production grades
Cover: A-
Design and typography: A
Illustrations: A
Editing: A
Marketing copy: A